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Warehouse and Sorting Solutions for E-Commerce


Gives you the edge in picking, conveying, packing and sorting 

In the e-commerce market high throughputs and late cut-off times are standard. Even same-day delivery or a delivery within two hours from ordering a package online are not rare anymore. These developments ask a lot of your logistic operation. Therefore, you are looking for innovative intralogistics solutions which can handle high capacities in the shortest time possible.


Laptops, books, clothes, spare parts, shoes, or even fridges and sofas. Nowadays, consumers can buy anything online, quite often even in the same webshop. This means you have to face quite some logistic challenges in your warehouse. Especially in combination with the time pressure you are under. VanRiet understands these challenges and will support you in finding the best order-picking, automated transport and sorting solutions.

As a system integrator with many years of experience in the e-commerce industry, we are a partner you can trust and with whom you will design, develop, install and maintain the perfect solution. Specialized in automated transport and sorting solutions for parcels, boxes, totes and polybags, we will take care of your products from storage to shipment. The solutions VanRiet provides guarantee high availability, sorting reliability, maximized uptime, low total cost of ownership and gentle handling of your products. All at a minimal noise level.



VANRIET is committed to increasing the competitive advantage of E-Commerce worldwide.



Through the design, integration, installation and maintenance of the best order picking, automated transport and sorting solutions.



Oder picking, automated transport and sorting solutions for E-Commerce worldwide.